Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Sarah!!!

我堅信我跟Sarah McLaughlin是有感應的,每隔一陳子我會突然想起她,然後google她的新消息時,總會發現她有新碟出。剛推出的精選碟是自03年的Afterglow後首次有新歌上台。碟內有兩首新歌,其中一首是單曲U Want Me 2,寫出剛宣佈婚姻破裂的她的感受,超好聽!

Monday, October 20, 2008

beastly injustice

I own the same breed of dog as a murderous tyrant! This is Putin's black lab, Koni, who made the news recently because his owner just fitted him with a satellite-tracking collar. Koni is almost as cute as Plato, I'll admit, but couldn't the autocrat get a Rottweiler, or at least a German Shepherd?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Who is the annonymous company source? Maybe he wants to stay nameless because he knows he's lying?
The key line: "But protests have so far have had little effect on ticket sales." What protests?

Hong Kong sees row over festivals

From Variety:

Written by Marcus Lim
Friday, 10 October 2008
Story Categories: Edko Bill Kong, Exhibition/theaters, Festivals, Film, Hong Kong, Internet, A dispute over ownership of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, which starts today, has caused a schism between the two groups that organize it and sparked a break-away event.

Arthouse exhibitor Broadway Cinematheque stands accused of turning the fest into a private enterprise by nonprofit independent filmmakers group Ying E Chi, which has co-presented the last four editions with Broadway.

Ying E Chi reps allege that they have been pushed aside and accuse Broadway of using government money to subsidize what has become a commercial entity.
"We have invested over HK$1 million ($129,000) of our public funding and manpower to develop the HKAFF into the second largest film festival in Hong Kong," said Vincent Chui, a founding member of Ying E Chi. "It is unacceptable for Broadway to make it the private property of its parent company, Edko."
The allegations stem from competing claims of ownership of the fest's name. Earlier this year, the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival was registered as a private limited company by Broadway. Ying E Chi had previously attempted to register it and had been rejected.

Broadway declined to comment on Ying E Chi's charges. But company sources confirm that Broadway is now running the fest on its own and said it was Ying E Chi that walked away.

"In the beginning we said that we will both organize it the same as last year, but they said they would like to do their own festival by themselves," the source said.
Ying E Chi has already made plans for its own event in November, and, in an obvious dig at the incumbent, has called it the Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival.

It has launched an Internet campaign alleging that the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival has been usurped. But protests have so far have had little effect on ticket sales. Popular films like Taiwanese helmer Chung Mong-Hong's "Parking" sold out a week ahead of its screenings. Event closes Oct. 26.

Friday, October 3, 2008