Monday, March 28, 2011




我覺得有趣的是張的行為不像一個一般我們以為會自殺的人:他那天張穿著Jil Sander的西裝,打扮整齊;當時沙士肆虐,張戴著口罩,開門時小心翼翼不敢碰門柄,生怕染病,但幾小時後卻從文華酒店一躍而下。一方面珍惜生命,一方面要毀掉生命:這種contradiction很耐人尋味。也許要自殺的人不是想毀滅生命而是毀滅痛苦,但當痛苦太大,變成了生命的大部分,便不得不連根拔起。

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



A mysterious Westerner appears on a riverbank in a remote part of southern China one day, completely naked. He is taken to the local police station, where he refuses to speak. The police debate what to do. Strictly speaking, the man has not broken any laws. On the other hand they cannot simply let him go. Finally they decide to send the man to the hospital.

At the hospital, the Westerner still remains silent. He seems to be haunted by nightmares and scenes from his past. The doctor’s ministrations seem to make matters worse. Meanwhile, the Westerner forms a strange bond with the hospital’s orderly, Jiang. Even though they don’t share a language, they nevertheless share a common bond. When he learns that the Westerner is about to be transferred to a mental asylum, Jiang decides to rescue the Westerner.

Jiang takes the Westerner to his uncle’s village. As he plans what to do with the Westerner, Jiang accidentally discovers a secret about him that provides a key to the mysterious stranger’s past…





Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marianne in Hong Kong

When she walked on stage my first thought was, "My, she looks old." But as soon as she opened her mouth to sing my tears began to flow. The raspy voice is still expressive and pitch perfect. I thought about the life this woman's lead, and now she's singing in this dingy concert hall maybe 70% full. How is it that a person who sang about pussies and drugs came to be in the Arts Festival? Apparently when you get to be old enough you're considered Art.

She sang all her "hits", or as she puts it, "the songs everybody likes"--Lucy Jordan, Sister Morphone, Why D'you do it, Strange Weather, Broken English, Working Class Hero and of course, As Tears Go By. I got a huge kick out of Times Square. The song perfectly captures the mood of the Seventies, the sense of disillusionment and decadance. It's a song that encapsulates her life, in a way. Wish she'd sung Fallen From Grace, though.

When she introduced her band, I thought the name of the music director and keyboard player, Kate Saint-John, rang a bell. Turns out she used to be in The Dream Academy. Now that's a band due for a reunion.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Speechless preview

The editing on Speechless is almost done. Hopefully I'll have picture lock by next week. In the meantime I want to share some screen grabs. The picture quality is amazing on the Canon 5D Mark 2.