Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Once upon a time I felt so identified with my books. I felt anyone could walk into my apartment, take a look at my collection of novels, non fiction, film texts, travel books, catalogues from film festivals that have shown mt films, journals and get a pretty good idea of who I am.Since the last satsang, I no longer identify myself with these books, so when I came back I had a strong urge to get rid of them. I cleared out 40-50 books, mostly novels I will never read again and biographies of people I'm no longer interested in, and donated them to this charity drive, now in effect till March 24.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Life is here

My first short was called "Life is Elsewhere." All my life I've been waiting for my life to start. I tell myself, when I make my first feature, go to a major festival, win prizes, fall in love, my life would begin. Many of these things happened but I was still unsatisfied, still waiting for life to happen.

After attending Dolano's intensive satsang, I feel like Ive woken up. The last satsang is a 5 week intensive investigation into the true nature of being. Letting go of my wrong vision means not looking elsewhere for fulfillment. It's all right here, right now.