Friday, August 31, 2007

Oral defense

My academic career is rapidly drawing to a close. My oral defense, which I've hardly prepared for, is today. Wish me luck!

Update: The oral defense went really well, aside from my inability to form complete sentences and the fact that I stumbled badly on some of WC's questions. WC's 9 year old daughter was present, and at one point was playing with the newspaper rack, causing a ruckus. I thought that was hilarious, and it put me in a more relaxed mood. After my presentation HG was gushing with praise, even saying it is publishable. LK had to practically calm her down, basically saying calm down, it's just an MPhil paper. Usually the supervisor has to try to defend the student and fend off critics, but in this case she actually had to do the opposite.

Friday, August 24, 2007


這天訪問了黃修平新片《魔術男》的演員和導演,包括我一直很喜愛的楊淇。那天她很準時,比約會時間早了十五分鐘到達Kubrick,自己一個靜靜坐在一角看書。我上前介紹自己並談談訪問內容,她表現得很cool,誰知道魔術男Anjo 出現時她又展露出開朗好玩的一面。原來他們倆很friend,我安排他們一起接受訪問,他們一起不斷開玩笑又玩魔術,令訪問生色不少。很少看到演員之間有那麼好的chemistry,希望在銀幕上也看得出來吧。



Wednesday, August 22, 2007



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sanjog's back!

Sanjog's back! Except for a pair of retro glasses, he looks exactly the same as a year ago.
His family has moved to a bigger apartment, which they share with two other Nepali families. His mom and dad have both found jobs, working in the same field as before, except his dad now works the day shift, so Sanjog is home alone during most of the day. Looking forward to spending more time with him.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mr. Kam

Interviewed tv/movie legend and fashion victim Kam Kwok Leung at the agnes b gallery in Wan Chai today, where they have a punk photography show in association with the new Julian Temple film about The Clash's Joe Strummer, to be shown at the Arts Centre some time this month.

As a condition for letting us use the space, the interviewee has to wear agnes b clothes, which Mr. Kam did with great pleasure. He donned a black PVC jacket with shiny black pants, no doubt as a punk homage .

Kam talked about his appearance in the Quentin Lee film 0506HK, to be shown at the upcoming Asian Film Festival. See picture below. My theory is that Kam lost his sense of humour sometime in the late-80s, about the same time as Edward Lam. Maybe they lost it in the same place?

Monday, August 6, 2007

On the set

Helped out on J's shoot over the weekend. This is the first time I get to light a scene. I'd almost forgotten about key light and fill light, like the two can't come from the same direction, duh! But as the night wore on, it all came back to me, and in the end I was quite happy with the results.

Watching another director work made me realize how hard this job is. You must have a firm vision, and know how to get the most out of the people you work with. You have to think on your feet, and constantly come up with good ideas every day on the set. It takes smarts, talent, patience, perseverance. No wonder only very few people in the world can earn their living as a director.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


對皇后碼頭沒什麼感覺,但現在一片懷舊熱下忽然很想念另一碼頭景緻:「天涯海角」。冒著出賣自己年紀的險,也要提一提這個年代標記。這個露天茶座在中環對出,要走一段walkway才到,所以稱為「天涯海角」,坐在那兒背靠中環商厦,可飽覽無敵海景。那裡的食物很平民化,都是三文治薯條之類 ,但一邊吹著海風,一面看著當年仍然寬闊的維港景色,實在是一大享受。可惜「天涯海角」不知何時結業了,若今天才被迫關門,不知人們會否為它絕食?

不知為何,當年的社交生活都圍繞著維港,又想起其他逝去的landmarks: 巴西咖啡、海運大厦樓下的超市、星光行那個整糯米磁的人。還有海洋中心有間試音室,當年很多音樂發燒友每星期都會去聽唱片,一班人坐在黑暗的房間內聽完一整張搖滾唱片,現在說出來都覺得有點匪夷所思的一個活動。

Wednesday, August 1, 2007






還有一樣很annoying的是訪問的段落中間,訪問者不斷加入自己的意見和見解,有些很無厘頭,像這一句「雖然校內常有低年級女同學主動上前要求認識小曹,但小曹都未曾對自己的性取向有所動搖」--彷彿性取向是一種需要堅守的信念。另外在變性人Lenny的自白中間,又不斷加插《木蘭辭》,硬把代父從軍與變性劃上等號,十分攪笑,做訪問的都是文化研究的同學,難道沒聽過要 let the subaltern speak?