Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ouch...that hurts!

通常評論香港獨立電影的人都會因為導演的誠意、資金的緊拙等,用一把較寬容的尺量度獨立作品,很少有像《港鏟片》評張偉雄的《一角之戀》那麼harsh: 一文不值? Ouch! 基本上我相信每個導演都應給三個機會他證明自己,可能張偉雄已用凸了他的quota.



Sunday, March 23, 2008



Sunday, March 16, 2008

Puppy love

It's been two weeks since Plato has been living with me, and already it's hard to imagine life without her!

Friday, March 7, 2008

No country for old men

Just saw No Country for Old Men. It's gripping and tense, but otherwise it leaves me cold. The film, like all Coen Brothers' films, has no heart. The ending feels tagged on, empty. Is the Jones character lamenting contemporary moral decline? And it started with Reagan coming to office? How astute an observation is that?

From IMBD, there's a thread called 100 things I learned from No Country for Old Men. Some of it is hilarious:

-don't stand still when a man puts a cattle gun to your forehead

-don't return to a Mexican-drug-deal-gone-bad scene

- if you have to return to a Mexican-drug-deal-gone-bad scene - don't use a vehicle registered in your name

-don't drink beer with a lady stranger chatted up by the pool since beer leads to bad things

-don't leave your mother in law chatting with slimy strangers approaching on the street

- keep your gun above water when you're being chased by a swimming pit bull

- when you realize you're being tracked by the help of a transmitter in your possession - get rid of it - don't put it on the bedsie table and calmly await the serial killer who is approaching

- just learn a few army outfits who served in Vietnam by heart - and you can pass through the US-Mexican border without any problems

- you're easy to find as soon as you check into a Mexican hopsital

-Dimes work great as screwdrivers in hotel room ventilation covers

-Sliding heavy cases full of money through ventilation shafts is a silent act when you need it to be one, but at all other times is quite noisy

-In Mexico, if you have a gunshot wounds you get free medical attention; if you're in the united states you have to steal from a pharmacist.

-A gun is traceable, but a man walking around with a gas-propelled cattle slaughtering device is commonplace and so undetectable.

-If you come across a multiple murder in Texas, the first thing you should do is steal one of the likely murder weapons. This doesn't implicate you in the slightest

-When you break into someone's house, feel free to drink their milk and sit on their couch and watch your reflection in the turned off TV

-If you are a deputy and just arrested someone who looks like a wacko and carries a cattle gun & compressed air cylinder, you normally just let him sit behind your back unattended

- When you feel like helping a sole survivor in a drug related shootout, you don't call 911; taking a jug of water to him personally after sunset is much a better idea

- If you just murdered about a dozen people near a motel, just stay in the room and hide there - the police sure won't bother checking for clues so you can leave the next day completely unnoticed

-There were transmitters back in 1980 which challenged all you knew about electromagnetism and could send a clear signal through a metal obstacle such as a duct tin

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My new best friend

Meet my new best friend, Plato. Isn't she adorable? She's only five and a half weeks old! I've only brought her home for four days, and she already she knows her name, and can distinguish between a harsh sounding "Plato!" (as in don't mess around the garbage can) and a loving sounding "Plato" (as in you're the loveliest little puppy in the world.)