Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Berlin Journal #2

The next day I had three interviews scheduled. One was for a gay TV channel. They made me stand in the cold to answer questions about the China gay scene. Go figure. The next was for the Teddy awards, and the third with some magazine. The reporter looked like she was about 15. I went on and on about the virtue of drugs.

Then we were off to the Panorama reception. Norman introduced me to Jackie Pang of Jettone Films. I hope she remembers me when we get back to Hong Kong. Then I met Cheng Yu-chieh, a director from Taiwan. I liked him immediately, and decided to go see his film, Yang Yang. It was one of my better decisions. The film started out as a typical Taiwanese school romance, two girls in love with the same boy and all that jazz, but it became something a lot more towards the middle. The heroine is a French-Chinese girl, played by Cheng Yung Yung, and her performance was superb, and perfectly captures the feeling of being an outsider in Taiwan. I decided to make it a policy to go and watch films by directors I have met and liked.

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