Sunday, March 7, 2010



Customer review on Amazon:

"End of Love"

Secrets and Lies

Amos Lassen

Ming who is now in a Christian "rehabilitation" camp, looks back on his life. He once lives amid a whirlwind of sex and drugs when he hustled men on the street and then he lived a more sedate, romantic life with his partner, Yen, who was older and romantic. Their relationship was built upon secrets and lies and they haunted the men. Yet it was only when Ming's mother confronted her son's sexuality that his life changes and Ming really tries to give up selling his body.

The film is graphically explicit--at least in the beginning. It is very homo-erotic but that does not mean it is hardcore. There are no scenes of penetration but it does show love between two men. The men are naked a good deal and they hide nothing. Some of it is very strong and it is almost as if we are watching a mirror. All in all, I found it very well done.

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