Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Islamic School

Sanjog is now studying at the Islamic school in Tuen Mun. He has to take a bus from Shumshuipo every day. The other thing I'm not too happy about is that he probably won't learn much Chinese. 80% of people of South Asian descent in Hong Kong is illiterate in Chinese. They are relegated to menial jobs like construction and security guards.

If the department's policy is that children of non-Chinese speaking families be integrated into the local school system, then why was Sanjog's father simply sent away with a list of English language medium schools? On the other hand, would the person at the Education Bureau got Sanjog a place at a local school if his father had insisted? It's as if there's a vast conspiracy to keep the poor in its place, with the active involvement of the underclass.

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money lui said...

maybe it takes times for him, step by step, to go back to the community. Just see if he can change to another school after this academic year.