Wednesday, May 14, 2008



但說起預計未來,Susan Miller又再次顯神威。這是她上個月的預測: " As beautiful April opens, home is where your heart and soul will be based. You've got plenty to be excited about, for it looks like home, property, and possibly even a major lifestyle change that you've been anxious to make are actually ready to take root."

"The problem is, this new moon won't be too cordial with Mars, the very sign that rules your house of home. You may meet up with an obstacle, possibly in the form of a person who is connected with your home." 更妙的是她預測得到我的困難是那一類: "When Mercury is at odds with Pluto on April 3, you may have problems with property-related paperwork or a few legal issues that come up." 我遇到的剛巧是樓㛃的問題,但事情到月底便有轉機: " It may take you until April 22, the date Uranus will send a beautiful "trine" aspect to Mars. That will be a gorgeous day, and one that will help you will see a home-related breakthrough." 結果是那天我找到律師可accept title。是不是很玄妙?


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今個weekend 要上你度坐下喎.. 新鄰居!!