Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Year in Review

Top 5 events in my life in 2008:

1. Making "End of Love" under enormous time and budget constraints, and it's the film I'm most satisfied with so far.
2. Selling my flat at the peak of the market.
3. Buying my current one also at the peak of the market.
4. Getting Plato, trouble-maker extraordinaire and the best mate a guy could hope for.
5. Making RTHK drama "Guilt and Repentance", a professional yet deeply personal work.

Best films:

-Hats off to Ann Hui for having the courage and the passion to make a film on this scale about the lives of ordinary people in Hong Kong.

《The Class》
-A classy classroom drama, refreshingly full of interesting dialogue (as opposed to action)

Best Book:

Gregory David Roberts' Shantaram. Taut and eventful, at the same time profound and philosophical. Thanks Madonna for recommending it!
鍾祖康, 「來生不做中國人」 ,中國人的當頭棒喝!

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