Sunday, April 19, 2009

One big happy family

Meet the new member of my family. His name is Buddy. Some dog lovers found him wandering around near Shing Mun Reservoir. He was smart enough to follow them home, and for two months he's been shut up in a cramped public housing apartment. I found him on a pet adoption website, and liked him immediately. He's absolutely gigantic, and reaches up to my waist standing up, but so very gentle and almost regal in bearing. I think of him as the Rolls Royce of dogs.
The people who found him belong to a group of people who regularly go out and rescue dogs from the pound. Today they paid me a visit to check up on Buddy, and I made them an apple pie, served with vanilla ice cream. It was a little too sweet, and I think I put too much nutmeg in, plus the pie top was a bit too dry. Not too shabby for a first effort, though. My guests were super nice. They brought a whole bunch of snacks for the dogs, and lots of boney treats. Both Buddy and Plato were tired out at the end of the day from all the chewing!


kiki said...


同plato 相處成點呀?

A perpetual student said...

Buddy is very gentle, but a very picky eater. They get along very well! Sometimes Plato gets jealous when i pat Buddy.