Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you fans!

那天Q&A大部分人一出字幕就蜂踴離場,心裡難免有點不是味兒,終於俾我發現部戲原來都有人鍾意架(雖然是上次G&L Film Fest 的觀眾),所以要學傅頴講句:Thank you fans!

I am surprised but happy to learn that "愛到盡" will be shown in the coming HKIFF this year. You know, gay films seldom have chances to be shown in the local cinemas as there is barely gay director (no matter he is good or bad) in Hong Kong nor any local straight director will dare to touch the gay issues. Just hope the talent of the director and the actors of this film can reach out to more movie goers besides gay people.

I saw "愛到盡" in G & L Film Festival last year. It is a rare movie dealing with the mundane lives of the "local", not exclusively, gay people in search of love after self-hatred, betrayal and desertion. The best "Hong Kong" gay movie I have ever seen as it is truly and openly, and more than that, the director has gusts to draw the bitter portrait of a young local gay junkie, who probably lives among us, with graphic sexual details. It is a rare gay film with heart and the director deserves our commendations and encouragement to make more about gay lives which are of every one of us.

Until now, I still can't forget the last shot of this sad but honest movie. The eloquence of the director’s effort in speaking the story and the realistic performance of the actors in this film make it the most unforgettable in the years to come. To me, I guess, it is a landmark of the local gay film made about the local gay people. I highly recommend it to all of you who loves not only gay films but films.

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