Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get thee to the nunnery

Today the CNN website published a sermon masquerading as news story on "compensated dating". It erroneously stated that "Prostitution is illegal in Hong Kong", even when the legal expert interviewed said that "the law prohibits soliciting for immoral purpose." This heavily moralistic story centres on a former prostitute who now washes hair at a salon, as if that's something worth celebrating. Why should what a person over the legal age of consent does with her body be of concern to others? Aside from the sensationalism of the story, I don't see how it deserves to be the headline story on CNN.

The same reporter, Pauline Chiou, did another story on the ketamine "epidemic" in Hong Kong. She mentions the drug testing scheme, but says not a word about the controversy it is stirring up, or the ineffectiveness of such tests. This bitch needs to go back to journalism school, or the nunnery, where she belongs!

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