Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The resurfacing of Chris Carl Chung

In Form 1 he's known as Chris. In Form 2 he changed his name to Carl. In Form 3 he insisted that we call him Chris Carl Chung, but we ignored him and called him by his Chinese name, 鍾兆基. Half a lifetime later he's resurfaced, and is called neither Chris nor Carl, but Cecilia. All this time I had assumed that he's dead (not altogether unreasonable, considering that he moved to SF at the height of the gay plague). But in fact he's a post-op transgendered gal living in San Francisco, working as a human rights commissioner. According to F, who had just visited him there, he's the same as before except he's wearing woman's clothes and make-up. Plus he's now got a brand new pussy--what balls!

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