Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friendship interrupted

Several times in my life I have made a conscious decision to cut certain people off from my life, usually because they have somehow failed to fulfill their end of the friendship bargain. I can't say I regret any of these decisions. I've always believed that in friendship one needs to go for quality, not quantity.

The one exception was from the time when I was about 16, living in London, Ontario. I had this friend, a schoolmate from Regina Mundi College. I don't even remember his name now. He lived in my area in the north of the city, and we used to ride the school bus together everyday. For a while we were inseparable. He was intelligent and kind, and was really nice to my mentally challenged sister.
He had dark, olive color complexion, and the kids at school called him Jewish (which he couldn't be, since Reina Mundi was a Catholic school), the first time I heard the word used in a pejorative sense. But it wasn't his race that worried me as much as the fact that he's kind of geeky (another new word I'd learned). The insecure teenage boy in me was worried that I'd be tainted by being associated with him. So one day, I just decided to drop him, cold. I can still recall the hurt, confused look on his face as I told him not to call me again. Oh the sins of my youth! Whatever your name is, wherever you are, I am so truly sorry.

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