Friday, July 31, 2009

My 2 cents on o靚模現像

At the moment in Iran, people are willing to die for their beliefs. In other parts of the world young people express their anger and dissatisfaction with society through music and other forms of expression. Why are young people in Hong Kong so placid? Our rappers like 陸永 joke about celebrities when they get up on stage!

In the current obsession over young models ( o靚模),I don't blame the models themselves for trying to make a living, or the young men who salivate over them because they don't know any better. However, I do blame our public intellectuals--the columnists, commentators and even university professors who take up valuable column inches and air time discussing this so-called phenomenon in earnest, as if there is something truly profound and novel about teenage boys and middle aged men lusting over big bosoms. In the process they crowd out other less frivolous topics, like people who write serious books and make serious films and put on serious plays. Rather than contributing to society's collective betterment, these intellectuals help narrow down and cheapen the public sphere, and for this I hold them accountable.

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