Thursday, March 10, 2011

Marianne in Hong Kong

When she walked on stage my first thought was, "My, she looks old." But as soon as she opened her mouth to sing my tears began to flow. The raspy voice is still expressive and pitch perfect. I thought about the life this woman's lead, and now she's singing in this dingy concert hall maybe 70% full. How is it that a person who sang about pussies and drugs came to be in the Arts Festival? Apparently when you get to be old enough you're considered Art.

She sang all her "hits", or as she puts it, "the songs everybody likes"--Lucy Jordan, Sister Morphone, Why D'you do it, Strange Weather, Broken English, Working Class Hero and of course, As Tears Go By. I got a huge kick out of Times Square. The song perfectly captures the mood of the Seventies, the sense of disillusionment and decadance. It's a song that encapsulates her life, in a way. Wish she'd sung Fallen From Grace, though.

When she introduced her band, I thought the name of the music director and keyboard player, Kate Saint-John, rang a bell. Turns out she used to be in The Dream Academy. Now that's a band due for a reunion.

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