Wednesday, March 16, 2011



A mysterious Westerner appears on a riverbank in a remote part of southern China one day, completely naked. He is taken to the local police station, where he refuses to speak. The police debate what to do. Strictly speaking, the man has not broken any laws. On the other hand they cannot simply let him go. Finally they decide to send the man to the hospital.

At the hospital, the Westerner still remains silent. He seems to be haunted by nightmares and scenes from his past. The doctor’s ministrations seem to make matters worse. Meanwhile, the Westerner forms a strange bond with the hospital’s orderly, Jiang. Even though they don’t share a language, they nevertheless share a common bond. When he learns that the Westerner is about to be transferred to a mental asylum, Jiang decides to rescue the Westerner.

Jiang takes the Westerner to his uncle’s village. As he plans what to do with the Westerner, Jiang accidentally discovers a secret about him that provides a key to the mysterious stranger’s past…





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