Monday, April 30, 2007


【星岛网讯】为扶助香港本地电影业发展,港府一掷三亿元成立“电影发展基金”,该基金审批标准11日正式出炉,工商及科 技局建议,全新基金将资助不多于1200万元的中小型电影制作。不过,电影内容不可涉及渲染色情暴力、罪行、恐怖、性事等十多种主流电影常见的元素。香港 电影导演会批评设置这样的道德标准十分荒谬,最后只能推动电影人拍公民教育片,无助本地电影发展。

至于电影内容,当局批核时会考虑是否适合大众而非小众市场,而剧本内容必须受到基本审核,包括不可过份渲染色情、暴力、罪行、恐怖等九种元素,也不可侮辱 个别种族、宗教及性别等,以确保公帑资助的电影不会严重违反社会接受的道德标准及社会价值观。当局又规定,申请人须有十年的电影经验,以确保有能力掌握电影制作。

I've known about this piece of news for some time but have not been able to finds the words to respond to something so utterly idiotic. I've been studying film policy for two years now, and I know of no country whose film policy includes restrictions on subject matter in this way. What could they be thinking? It boggles the mind.

I've been half expecting some official to come forward and explain that this has all been some misunderstanding, that the Hong Kong government respects artistic freedom and will not dream of policing the morality of local films. But no. So far not a peep from anyone. So perhaps they are serious about this?

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