Thursday, April 12, 2007

A twitch upon the thread

Chris Berry and LK interviewed me regarding my work with Ying E Chi for their research project. Afterwards LK revealed to me what I had always suspected, that I had bombed on my Mphil interview, and had come so very close to not getting in.

The past two years had been wonderful. The opportunity to study and not have to worry about making a living is a rare one indeed, and for this I'm so grateful. From a personal point of view, the classes I audited in theology and Biblical studies had been much more important to me than thecultural studies courses. I learnt that doubts can co-exist with faith, that questions concerning the interpretation and even authenticity of the Biblical text can be seperated from one's relationship with God.

In all this I see the hand of God, pulling me close, as Waugh writes in Brideshead Revisited, with a twitch upon the thread.

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