Friday, August 17, 2007

Mr. Kam

Interviewed tv/movie legend and fashion victim Kam Kwok Leung at the agnes b gallery in Wan Chai today, where they have a punk photography show in association with the new Julian Temple film about The Clash's Joe Strummer, to be shown at the Arts Centre some time this month.

As a condition for letting us use the space, the interviewee has to wear agnes b clothes, which Mr. Kam did with great pleasure. He donned a black PVC jacket with shiny black pants, no doubt as a punk homage .

Kam talked about his appearance in the Quentin Lee film 0506HK, to be shown at the upcoming Asian Film Festival. See picture below. My theory is that Kam lost his sense of humour sometime in the late-80s, about the same time as Edward Lam. Maybe they lost it in the same place?

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