Friday, October 5, 2007


Saw my second HKAFF film last night, Quentin's 0506HK. I didn't have very high expectations of it going in, to be quite honest, but I ended up enjoying it. I liked the fact that there's not an ounce (well, maybe just a gram or two) of pretension in it. He is brutally honest (if not a little too earnest) about himself and those around him. At times he comes across as being self centred, as when he turns every comment from his interviewees, whether it's about Hong Kong politics, culture and what not into ruminations about his own identity and direction in life. But that's Quentin for you. Having opened himself up to critical examination, however, the film doesn't really go far enough. We don't hear much about his love life, or his life in L.A. (what does he do all day? What is it about his LA life that he finds so compelling?) or even how the issues of cultural identity influence his works. Running at 63 minutes, the film could have easily spent another 10-15 minutes exploring those points.

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