Thursday, October 25, 2007

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A scathing attack on religion. Lucid and well argued.
But can one believe in a God who is not the primer mover, the supreme designer, the creator of the universe?
What if God is not an old man living in the sky, but connected to a part of us, our spirits? Some scientists think consciousness is just a function of brain activity, but to me the strongest evidence it is something more is near death experiences (NDE). People who have no brain functions, who have flatlined on the operating table, for example, have reported startling lucid after death experiences that they are able to recall with accuracy. Some have suggested that this is merely the dying brain randomly firing off neurons, but if this were the case then everyone who have had near death experiences should have the same kinds of visions, but in fact only some do. Also NDEers have reported verifiable out of body visions, like blind people who can see their own bodies. One Dutch study on NDE that has been published in the scientific journal seems to verify its supernatural nature. These studies provide strong proof that we are more than our physical self.

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